For children, adolescents and adults

Evaluation and Treatment Services

Areas of practice include the following:
Selective mutism, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, school refusal, depression, social difficulties, learning issues, relationship challenges, life transitions, coping with change and loss, and stress reduction.

Selective Mutism Treatment

Please see Selective Mutism page for detailed information.

Teen Stress Management Classes

This after school class series is geared toward high school students who want to learn to manage stress and cope in productive ways. Teens learn about the origins of stress, how to think about stressful experiences in new ways, and transform stress into helpful and productive behaviors. Please contact Dr. Eckel for upcoming dates.

Selective Mutism Parent Groups

These evening groups are for parents of children with selective mutism to learn, share, and find support. Please contact Dr. Eckel for upcoming dates.

Selective Mutism Summer Camp

Each summer, Dr. Eckel runs a week-long intensive treatment program for children with selective mutism. This intensive treatment experience provides opportunities for children to increase verbalizations in individual, small group, and large group settings. The counselors at camp are specifically trained in the treatment of selective mutism, and work closely with the campers to help them progress over the week. Each child has their own, individualized treatment plan through the week in order to help them to progress. For information on summer camp, visit

Seminars and Presentations

Dr. Eckel presents to schools, parents, professionals, and others groups. Topics include child mental health, child anxiety, managing anxiety in schools, treatment of selective mutism, and strategies for school personnel in working with selectively mute children.

Please note that Dr. Eckel is not in-network with any insurance companies and is not able to enter into single case agreements with insurance companies. Payment is required at the time of service. A Superbill can be provided at any time after the service date. The Superbill can be sent to the insurance company for any reimbursable costs. Please check with your insurance provider in order to obtain your out-of-network benefits.